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The 5 Best Napa Valley Wineries

If you’re thinking about heading to wine country, specifically Napa Valley, then here are the top 5 vineyards you simply must visit!

Are you searching for rolling hills covered in the finest grapes that produce world-class wine? Or beautiful towns that offer the most delicious food in a serene setting unsurpassed by most luxury vacation locations? If you said yes, then Napa Valley is the place for you. 

As a native Californian & a Napa Valley wedding photographer, I’d love to offer you some insight into some of the best wineries.

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I. Far Niente Winery

Established in 1979, Far Niente is one of the most spectacular locations for its stunning views, highly cherished Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, private and corporate tasting events, stellar wine caves, and pristine gardens. One of the traits I love most about Far Niente is its name. It’s an Italian phrase that roughly translated means the “art of doing nothing” or “without a care.” Having lived in Florence, Italy, for a year, I can attest to the beauty of that phrase and how this winery offers a truly luxurious experience with class & sophistication, declaring the relevance of that phrase. 

II. Chappellet Winery

The estate is located on Pritchard hill and is known for its world-class wines and some of the most highly acclaimed Bordeaux varietal wines in Napa. Donn Chappellett founded this winery in the late 1960’s once he discovered the breathtaking landscape surrounding this winery. Having settled his family there to produce exceptional wine, the second generation is now carrying out the tradition. To quote Robyn Bullard from Wine Spectator, “It is their romance with the land that makes the Chappallet story so appealing.”

III. Quintessa Winery

Quintessa is a gorgeous 280-acre site with magnificent views! It’s a very distinct vineyard founded by vineyard master Valeria Huneeus who takes great pride in the organic farming practices and preserving the woodland surrounding the location. Known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Carménère, this vineyard truly has something for everyone! My husband and I toured the grounds and the combination of a marvelous landscape and sublime wine experience made it one of our very favorite places. 

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IV. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega, established in 2006, is a gem in the heart of Napa. During a wine festival in Telluride, Colorado, I had the pleasure of tasting their wines for the very first time. They were so impressive that I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit this winery when I was in Napa Valley a year later for my husband’s 40th birthday. The vintners began in San Luis Obispo and brought their dream to Napa. This critically acclaimed winery has the most remarkable wines, and I can highly recommend them. 

V. Mumm Napa

This unique establishment is a favorite of mine as it has the most miraculous sparkling wine. The French heritage techniques used in their process make the wine sensational. It’s a great place to stop early in the day or just before dinner time, as the lighting on the grounds is mind-blowing. 

napa valley wedding venues

Thinking of Getting Married in Napa Valley?

Now that you’ve found the best Napa Valley wineries, it’s time to find the perfect Napa Valley wedding photographer!

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